We recently joined the Q Guild of Butchers and it was my pleasure to attend their annual conference in Nottingham recently.

There were many interesting contributions and presentations but there was one I would like to share with our customers.

This was given by Shopper Anonymous who measure the customer experience for their clients to help them drive great customer service.

  • They first ask who is your number 1 customer? – existing and potential customers, suppliers, staff, management? All are important but your staff should be put central to your drive for great service.
  • Explain your vision clearly to your staff, give them knowledge and confidence, praise and reward them, get their feedback.
  • First impressions count. Your shop window or exterior, entrance, website, reception should all welcome customers in. Introduce name badges for your staff.
  • Try to ask your customers for their feedback- what can be done to improve their experience?
  • Measure and follow through on all of your initiatives and continue to adapt and change your business to thrive.

As Charles Darwin once said:

“The species that survive are not the most intelligent but those most adaptable to change”

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