Bags For Life at Rotherham Hospice
Rotherham Hospice recently took delivery of their new bags for life. These bags are made from heavy duty film using recycled plastic bottle content. A bag that lasts and re-uses disposed of materials – marvellous news indeed!
Kim Loughborough, Head of Retail at Rotherham Hospice;
“We are absolutely thrilled with them. A quality product and great design”.
B Smith joins Q Guild of Butchers

We recently joined the Q Guild of Butchers and it was my pleasure to attend their annual conference in Nottingham recently.

There were many interesting contributions and presentations but there was one I would like to share with our customers.

This was given by Shopper Anonymous who measure the customer experience for their clients to help them drive great customer service.

  • They first ask who is your number 1 customer? – existing and potential customers, suppliers, staff, management? All are important but your staff should be put central to your drive for great service.
  • Explain your vision clearly to your staff, give them knowledge and confidence, praise and reward them, get their feedback.
  • First impressions count. Your shop window or exterior, entrance, website, reception should all welcome customers in. Introduce name badges for your staff.
  • Try to ask your customers for their feedback- what can be done to improve their experience?
  • Measure and follow through on all of your initiatives and continue to adapt and change your business to thrive.

As Charles Darwin once said:

“The species that survive are not the most intelligent but those most adaptable to change”

The new carrier bag tax in England

From 2006 carrier bag usage in the UK fell by 32% due to media coverage and the promotion of bags for life. However it started to creep back up and by 2013 had increased by 18%. During the same period a charge on carrier bags in Wales resulted in a 79% fall.

To encourage shoppers to remain aware of unnecessary waste of packaging, in October 2015 the government will introduce a 5p charge for single use plastic carrier bags but there will be some very important exemptions.

Paper bags, fabric bags for life and bags without handles are all exempted, but very importantly so too are SME’s (any business employing less than 250 people). The legislation for England has been framed to be proportionate and at the same time help independent retailers to maintain and improve their market share by making it as easy as possible for their customers to purchase from them.

The legislation is still subject to parliamentary approval and will be debated before the charge comes in on 5th October 2015.